Thursday, October 23, 2003

Well, I've just about recovered from my unemployment and from my appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

More later.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

IBM Emancipates 8,000 Wage Slaves

Divorce lawyers must tell of tax dodges

Well, here's a pretty pickle and no mistake. By making lawyers report their suspicions of tax evasion, this judge has done two things. Firstly, practically every case they handle they will instantly pass over to the NCIS - because lawyers are lazy and avaricious. They don't want to spend their own money doing any investigation. Secondly, it will stop a lot of rich people getting divorced in this country - because most rich people have avoided some tax in their time. How do you think they got rich ;-)

The implications for the NCIS don't bear thinking about. Yes, they will get a lot of new leads on criminal activity but at the price of a huge increase in staff and the lawyers will demand a very rapid turn around time.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Stop Oppressive Gardening

Well, you have to support a good cause, don't you. Not sure I agree with their policy on using force to liberate a captive Gnome though.

Think Gandhi.
Time to condemn Dame Shirley, Tories told, as Europe upholds gerrymandering charge

Old news, I know but still relevant as one of the architects of the "Homes for Votes" scandal has just addressed Tory Conference. Fancy Lady Tesco being worth only £300,000 - nowadays you need to be worth at least half a mil just to join!

Labour MP and former Westminster councillor Mr Peter Bradley said the Tory party should recognise she had lost her fight: "Not one single senior Tory has ever condemned Dame Shirley; here is a golden opportunity for Iain Duncan Smith to break with the Conservative past."

Read those words again. Dame Shirley Porter, fined £40,000,000 for the worst vote fixing scandal in recent memory has yet to be condemned by the Conservative Party.

I think, perhaps, they should.

More Fair And Balanced reporting from the BBC this morning - the presenters were talking about the Rio Ferdinand affair and they mentioned the fact that the squad were completely behind Rio. Then they offered to scab on the players. Yes, it was meant as a joke - but far too many of these BBC presenters do not take union activity seriously. Far from being dangerously left wing, as the conservatives allege this is the organisation that gave us Marmaduke Hussey and Tara Palmer-Tomtiddletomtom and that dreadful woman with the teeth, used to be a Rambler, now wants to be a Tory MP - and gave us David Icke. All Conservatives. And, if memory serves, probably had a documentary on those Hamiltons. The Hamiltons for goodness sake! He had to stand down for misdemeanors! How long before Archer has his own chat show on the Beeb - like that dreadful man who used to run the Politics show, what's his name? He's a Tory too.

Later, I will compile a list and name and shame all the Tories connected with the BBC, now and in the past. It will be a long, long, long list and probably start with Reith.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Barry Legg says that the Tories should be even nastier

What, nastier than fixing elections and making council house tenants live in asbestos filled dwellings?

Well, he should know. How can we trust a single word this man says, and more to the point, has he ever paid fines or served time in jail for endangering the public? If not, why not?

And just to remind any Tories that happen to have got lost and ended up on my blog, this is the article outlining the report on how he fixed elections together with Shirley Porter who still owes us the taxpayers £40,000,000 - or about £2 for every family in the country. Nice.

Discuss Barry Legg is a bad man
Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Sex, Freud and Folly: The Truth About Psychotherapy

As my loyal readers are aware, I don't often have book reviews on my site as I regard literary critics as somewhere below estate agents in the food chain. On the other hand, I do like Allejandro's review.

Read, and see what comes to you.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Unconscious Mutterings Home

Borrowed from Victoria's LWCA

Week 35

I say … and you think … ?

Coat:: Mink
Allowance:: Americanism
Mist:: Red
Disorder:: Order
Scheme:: of Things
Dick:: Cheney
Homework:: Spanish
Milton:: Keynes
Shampoo:: Hindi
Z:: A
Discuss Word Association

More must be done to curb light pollution, say MPs

Quite right too! And about time. In many parts of the country (mine included), people have never seen the wonder of the Milky Way or even some of the less bright stars because of light pollution.

And I'm not just posting this because our bastard neighbours over the road have the equivalent of a searchlight that shines into my bedroom. Knock it off guys!
Answers please, Mr Bush

Well, here's a sample question.

5. Why are you protecting the Second Amendment rights of potential terrorists?

Mr Bush, in the days after September 11, the FBI began running a check to see if any of the 186 "suspects" the feds had rounded up in the first five days after the attack had purchased any guns in the months leading up to September 11 (two of them had). When your attorney general, John Ashcroft, heard about this, he immediately shut down the search. He told the FBI that the background check files could not be used for such a search and these files were only to be used at the time of a purchase of a gun.

I suggest you read all the questions, and see if your answers differ from Michael's and why.

Latest news from the Tories: tired of just giving government subsidy to the defence industry, the Tories now want to subsidise Private (sic) healthcare. So instead of everyone using the NHS, and paying for it, people who decide to defect from the NHS will actually get a bribe to do so!

What's that? Bupa gives money to the Conservatives so that they can implement these harebrained ideas? Is that bribery? Is it corruption or just payment for services rendered? Who can say?

Also, why is the nuclear industry still retaining Bernard Ingham? I can't think of anyone more likely to put the backs of the present government up than a former press officer for Thatcher.

Friday, October 03, 2003

UN calls for Keynesian injection

Well, now that the US has belatedly come around to how good the UN really is, here is another good idea from the UN.

It won't come a minute too soon for the poor world.
Spy pictures of suffragettes revealed

Nice to see that at last the secrets of police covert activity on suspected "terrorists" have been revealed - only 100 years after the event!

Votes for Women! Even though they vote Tory...
Actually, that is the sickener for me. The Labour party finally gets elected into a minority government and implements votes for women in the face of huge opposition - and then Emmeline Pankhurst stands for the Conservative party.

You know, the one which opposed votes for women tooth and nail, and most of their supporters were fiercely opposed also?

In fact, right up until 1997 women were more likely to vote for the Conservatives at every election than men. Emancipation? Please.
Discuss Ewomancipation

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Pressure grows on White House over CIA disclosure

Well, well, well. Conflicts of interest, revelation of spies, the White House in a spin. There's a film plot in the making here, mark my words!

I can imagine the title now "The Traitorous President's Brain".
Well, I've been asked the question so I will attempt an explanation of why I think humans weren't meant to sleep alone (in the Biblical sense). Firstly, humans are very sexy animals. Women are in season practically all the time, and they even have concealable menses so that their partner remains bonded. In terms of number of sex acts, possibly only the bonobo engages in more activity among us primates.

Menstrual cramps. Well, let's examine that. Women get cramps because they aren't pregnant. Sex relieves the cramps. Before contraception, women would only get menstrual cramps if they weren't having sex. So let me put this as clearly as I can - it is painful for women if they do not have sex.

Obviously, this theory falls down a bit because childbirth is painful but this is easily understood in terms of the huge and relatively sudden growth in our brain capacity on an evolutionary scale.

Male penis design - in common with many other animals (it has to be said) male humans have a coronal ridge on their penises. This is to facilitate the removal of rivals' sperm from a female human's vagina. In tests with rubber models, they found that up to 90% of a rivals sperm was removed by just one thrust.

Scary. Now, clitorises. Apparently a lot (all?) of female mammals have them, and for the same reason men have nipples - because in the womb, all foetuses are built on the same model. Women have clitorises because men need penises, and men have nipples because women need them.

I hope that has cleared a few things up. Finally, any ancient civilisation that may have practiced celibacy I don't think we will have heard about - because they have died out.

I can see you laughing and shaking your head. Go on then - look at what happened to the Shakers. A religious group, nowadays well known for their furniture. Less well known is their adherence to strict celibacy. The last Shaker died in the 20th century, and of course there are no little Shakers to take over the reins (or build the chair, depending on your choice of metaphor)

Any questions please stay behind and ask me later. Class dismissed!
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